Tia Pugh is a businesswoman, speaker and international mentor who thrives in the face of adversity. After enduring 5 years of homelessness and swirling in a seemingly never-ending spiral of toxic relationships, this Comeback Coach uses her experiences, struggles, and victories to teach women how to transform their setbacks into success stories.


Tia kicked off her entrepreneurial journey in 2014 when she started a blog called HolyGirlSwag21 which exploded into an apparel line just two years later. After (almost) breaking the Internet with the launch of her wildly popular HolyGirlSwag 21
apparel line where she sold 40 shirts in less than 48 hours, Tia answered the call to pour her business wisdom into the minds of ambitious women interested in building successful online ventures.


While speaking to ambitious women around the world, she soon realized that many women were carrying around too much pain and hurt, which stopped them from achieving their greatest potential.


Now because Tia genuinely wants to help women thrive, she has launched Happy and Healed!, an online academy where she gives female entrepreneurs a roadmap on how to release their pain, brokenness and struggles once and for all so they can finally live their best lives and achieve the business success they’ve always wanted.


Whether it’s homelessness, bad relationships, life-altering missteps or other tragedies, you can soar above it all. And Tia is here to deliver your wings.

2019 is going to be different; a year full of breakthroughs, promotions, healing, success, laughter, love, and stability.

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