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Are you ready to upgrade your business? Start a t-shirt brand that can take you from 9 to 5 to a full-time entrepreneur? Turn your setbacks into coins in the bank? Overcome that hurt and pain? Well, let's work!

In case you were wondering what people are saying about Tia....

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This woman is anointed!!! I'm currently going through a divorce and as anyone that knows how emotionally draining the process can be. Tia offered her services and I usually don't open up to anybody, but something about her just felt so natural as almost if we knew each other and I was just talking to my sister and friend. And let me tell you she holds you accountable for your actions when you mess up...which is good for me because I can just lose track and easily go back to my old ways thinking and dealing with emotional burdens in my case it was the drinking. So she got me on track !!!!! With a praying plan and She checks up on me to see how I'm doing. Very very pleased. BOOK YOUR COACHING SESSION WITH TIA PUGH!!!!! She's amazing!

Interior Designer

Paula Bounsana

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Ms. Tia is amazing at what she does and you can tell that she is passionate about it. I've been working with her for about a year now and I have seen dramatic changes not only on social media but outside of social media. I've learned to not just listen to what she says and take notes but to actually apply it. Doors have opened, people have approached me and overall more people are being reached by what we do. Thanks, Ms. Tia for allowing God to use you!


Tiffany Hightower

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Tia is not only a phenomenal coach, she's a phenomenal woman. When a Godly spirit, a good heart and a wealth of know how come together you can't go wrong.

CEO of Glam Life Society 

Randa Manning-Johnson

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Faith Filled Inspiration & Love flows from Tia. Amazing knowledge of business in a positive way. She does not play and only expects the best from you. A great motivator & mentor to have on your team!


Tiffany Owens


These are the scars of one of my mentees, she WAS a cutter for years! A cutter is someone whom willing inflicts pain on themselves by (usually) cutting their legs or arms it may sound crazy but it's a way for them to control, mask, and/or release their emotions. I say WAS with a sincere belief that this will be a chapter in her past because for 2 weeks she's been FREE, free from all self-harm and we've been having candid conversations about the importance of letting go, her life, her purpose, her spiritual gifts, reading the Bible, and praying!! WON'T HE DO IT!!! She's an amazingly strong, talented, smart, courageous young woman!! I'm blessed that God saw fit for her to connect with me via social media! If you allow God to come in and connect you with the necessary people to help guide you to your God-ordained destination ANYTHING is possible!!



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Tia was amazing!! Her strategic planning was precisely what I needed to get my mind going and give me a enthusiastic boost. 

Owner of Becca Jene Place


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